Introducing Dr. Johnson!

Have you ever felt a tight pain in your lower back when you got up from your couch or office chair? Do you sense discomfort in your knee after a long day behind the steering wheel? You might be in your mid 20s wondering why your back feels like you’re in your 70s.

Rest assured; you are not alone! These types of pain have an easy cure and with the right products, they will be gone in no time!

This looks like a job for Dr. Johnson! Dr. Johnson is an analgesic gel that treats all types of pain related to muscles or sprains.

Dr. Johnson is a topical anti-inflammatory pain killer that comes in 2 forms: balm and cream. This range of products has been designed to treat all kinds of discomfort including muscle aches, back pains, arthritis, and sprains. Formulated with crystallized menthol, these products are easily absorbed by the skin for instant pain relief. When rubbed over the affected area, these products reduce swelling of the affected joints and muscles.

We have created a range of creams and baumes to fit your everyday needs. In order to choose the right product for you, let us give you a rundown of Dr. Johnson:


Cream Tube / Cream *: Instantly reduce inflammation and are quickly absorbed by the skin for on-the-spot relief. Use daily for maximum effect. As they are strong and fast absorbent, these creams are recommended for muscle strains, especially for the neck and shoulders.

Baume Tube / Jar*: Easy to use, these baume are simple, fast, and effective. Formulated with menthol, this product might leave your skin feeling cold, which helps with the healing process. It is recommended mostly for knees, ankles, and lower back pain.

*Both creams and baumes come in different sizes to keep you pain free at home and during your day!


Fast acting and highly effective, Dr. Johnson will relieve any sort of joins and muscle pain!


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