Introducing Pro White Collagen!

Particularly common in Africa, the usage of shea butter is not new in the beauty industry. In fact, this ingredient is the beauty secret of African women, who use it to hydrate and protect their skin. Since this ingredient has so many benefits, it’s no wonder that it’s still popular in skin care today.

Egg yolk is known in the food world for its abundance of good cholesterol. However, this ingredient has become more and more present in cosmetics products. Why? Egg yolks contain proteins and healthy fats that give it nourishing and reparative properties and much more.

This is where Pro White comes in!

Pro White has been specially formulated to perfectly combine both of the aforementioned ingredients!

This range hydrates, illuminates, and clarifies the skin expertly and naturally.  Formulated with shea butter and egg yolk, this range eliminates pigmentation and unifies the skin while hydrating it. It also has an SPF of 45, which helps protect the skin from harmful sunrays.

Now that you know more about the product family in general, let’s dive into more detail about its functions and the many advantages of each of its products!

Anti-Spots Clarifying Body Lotion: Carefully clarifies your skin, nourishes it, and ensures deep hydration.

Clarifying Oil: Treats the skin and eliminates pigmented spots while preventing the reappearance of dark spots.

Anti-Spots Clarifying Soap: Fades the appearance of dark spots and clarifies dark areas, resulting in a perfectly balanced complexion.

Anti-Spots Clarifying Cream: Deeply hydrates and clarifies the skin for a more unified and radiant skin tone.

Clarifying Anti-Spots Serum: Controls the hyperpigmentation of dark and mixed skin and ensures a clarified skin and a unified tone.

Clarifying Shower Gel: Effectively cleans and clarifies the skin. Your skin will regain its elasticity and suppleness.   

Exfoliating Shower Gel: Exfoliates softly and eliminates dead skin cells. Your skin will regain its elasticity and suppleness.   

Dark Spot Remover: Clarifies dark spots and acne and prevents the reappearance of pigmented spots for a more unified skin tone.


Pro White: Professional Skin Clarification!


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