Treat Dry Skin on a Daily Basis

Dry skin is a fairly common skin condition. It causes tightness, redness, and sometimes a crocodile skin effect. Fortunately, there are many solutions to avoid it! Our team has put together a few tips and products to help you regain soft, moisturized skin.


  1. Cleanse

This is something that should become a reflex for you. Use a milk or soap that effectively cleanses the skin without causing irritation.

Elixir Light Body and Face Lotion: A gentle and effective lotion. This product eliminates all impurities for a clear and unified skin.

B.B. Clear Clarifying Soap: Formulated for daily use, this soap clarifies the skin and cleanses it effectively.


  1. Moisturize

Your skin is now clean. Choose a moisturizing cream that is easily absorbed by the skin.

Coco Clear Cream: A fast-acting cream that intensely moisturizes your skin while giving you a perfect, even glow.

Precious Perfect Body Lotion: Formulated with Vitamin E, this product treats dry skin while preventing the appearance of dark spots.


  1. Nourish

Your skin is subject to a lot of factors during the day. Moisturize more with an oil.

Perfect Glow Body Oil: Full of vitamins, this oil helps keep skin young, hydrated and wrinkle-free.

Coco Skin Body Oil: With cocoa oil, this product moisturizes dry and flaky skin and improves skin texture.


To improve the quality and appearance of your skin, make sure to treat it on a daily basis. Start today!


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